【Our policy of recruiting human resources】

Not only in Japan, but also to global customers, we are hoping to be a good partner of industry.
Since 5 years, we have cultivated overseas business.
At starting period, often we have heard our prices were too expensive even if they understood our superior quality.
As a solution, we have developed our own technology “Tokyo-Ace”.
After that, although we have faced many troubles like sudden Yen hike, Fukushima Atomic generator and Severe Flood in Thailand, our business has been expanded a lot with East and South Eastern Asian customers, thanks partially to moderate currency exchange ratio.
I have decided to build a factory in Thailand to establish an organization to comply with customer’s request more.
I know it’s not easy to operate high level of factory for us , SME(Small and Medium Enterprise).
This is because of a lack of Human Resources.
I will keep recruiting 2-4 young staffs every year from now on and also on the spot in between.

Dear fellowship with high motive, apply now for your carrier.

Hisamitsu Komi, President Tokyo Byora Koki Co., Ltd.

Feel free to contact by telephone
+66-2516-3830   Ms. Kamonthip
+81-48-478-5081 Mr. Kochiya
+81-80-3317-8082 LINE/Whatsapp Mr.Kochiya

Otherwise through 【Contact 】of this home page.

【Human Resource】Application requirement Wanted, Mid carrier recruitment

1.Production staff 1-2 people

Business Dies production by operating machining center, NC Electric Discharge Machine etc.
Carrier The one who has studied machining actually at High school, University and vocational training school.
It is not compulsory to have an experience in Dies production industry.

2.Technical sales staff : one person

Business Price quotation to an inquiry from customers.
Order processing, Dies design, Internal negotiation.
To study to become able to propose a solution to customer’s technical issues.
Carrier Technical high school, technical college, university or master level.
The one who has a good knowledge about Dies.
The one who has worked with drawings.
It is not compulsory to have an experience of working at Dies industry.

【2017 Autumn, 2018 New Graduation Application】

International students, lady applicants are highly welcome.
Regardless freshly graduated or already graduated.

  1. Technical development staff 1 person
    Technical college, university, master degree graduated.
    R&D to enhance “Tokyo-Ace” and to develop new machining
    and material processing technology.
  2. Production Staff 2-3 people
    High school , college, university and master degree graduated.
    Operation of NC machine tools such as machining center,
    Electro Discharge Machine(EDM).
    One year training under supervision of senior staff.
    Some staff are Social science graduate.
    The one who has an interest for production (Monozukuri), who wants
    to brush up his/her skill taking time would be appropriate for this job.