Employment policy, interviewing to President


Started working at big steel manufacturer but gradually seeking a job with much more managerial responsibility.
Spin out to Culture Convenience Club and learned management.
Learned a joy of corporate revitalization and decided to make it as lifework.
Took up as president Tokyo Byora Koki Co., Ltd with a mission of its revitalization.
Concentrated to reform staff consciousness.

②Mission, Vision

A merger of traditional matured technology of craftsmanship and the leading edge machining process technology.
Own technology to unite conventional EDM, Electrode and Mirror surface process into one process to complete all.
In 2015, opened a factory in Thailand and expands transaction to Southeast Asia and India.
For globalization, Home Page has been made by many foreign languages.

③Products, Service

Dies production used at cold heading, cold forging and press process.
Dies are used at harsh environment and long lifespan is expected.
Own micro precision process technology accumulated more than 50 years of operation since foundation.
Versus Chinese product, 2-4 times longer lifespan but cost issue was there.
Developed a direct carving process to Tungsten Carbide.
Long lifespan dies can be delivered in short lead time with lower cost.

④Action policy, corporate culture

Expected person As far as he has a desire to work for customers, I want him to do it.
Our oldest staff is 68 years old.
Every year continuously young staff 2-5 people are to be hired.
Specially young people who prefers production, interested in succeeding Japanese technology are welcome.
1.01’s 365th power, improving every day by just a little bit but continuously creates a big improvement.
Not common in other companies, I am trying to create many opportunity for our staffs to contact directly with customers for their experience.


Actually young engineer is working as a factory manager in Thailand factory.
We are waiting for the person who has a high objective and challenge for it aggressively.