Tungsten Carbide Dies made by our original technology「Tokyo-ACE」

Our original Tungsten Carbide die, 「Tokyo-ACE 」

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials for metal processing. The hardness is second only to diamond. Our company use it as a material for manufacturing for over 30 years.

And we are using electric discharge method since it has been invented in 1960. With this method we can use tungsten carbide for High precision manufacturing. But this electric discharge method causes a lot of expenses and a long lead time.
So we are processing while direct carving the work. And it cause long time spent and High electrical power expense.

But since February 2011. we have succeeded to create our own unique technology that can perform the electric discharge direct carving process and lapping process at the same time. With this micro precision direct carving process, machining center and our acknowledged staff, we can offer a remarkable cost reduction and a shorter production lead time. And we named this technology “Tokyo-ACE”.
We are manufacturing Bearing parts; Electrical contacts dies and wire drawing dies.

From customer review “Tokyo-ACE” presents 4 unique features.
The first feature, Product Long Lifespan
Lifespan expansion will be added to the product because there is no Microcrack appeared by this method. and added more compressive residual stress that strengthen the product.
Second feature, Stabilize quality
Tokyo-ACE`s 3micron precision machining center
We can steady process quality also lapping detail quality of Ra=6 nano meter is nearly mirror surface finish.
Third feature, Shorten lead time to one fifth
Shorten process lead time to one fifth. eliminating the electrode making, electric discharge machine and lapping to the only direct carving process. If we took out our electrical contacts dies manufacturing as an example. It shortened 2 weeks-long lead time to only 2 days.
Forth feature, Mass product with stable supply
Tokyo-ACE can process 30 pieces in on batch, in one month it can process 500-600 pieces.

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