To have a foreign office does not mean an only one global development— SME manufacturing in Saitama prefecture.

To have a foreign office does not mean an only one global development— SME manufacturing in Saitama prefecture.

1.Globalization and manufacturing SME

「Internationalization (Globalization)」is a word inevitable to talk about recent Japanese manufacturers.
After Lehmann shock and East Japanese Earth Quake,Big companies are proceeding overseas production and global supply chain strongly.
Towards those managerial environment change, how SME should work ?
As one method, SME should also work for globalization.
While I am working with SMEs around big Tama Industry area, I have seen some of above examples.
Let me introduce one example in Saitama prefecture area ,
Globalization of manufacturing in the area.

2.Globalization by excellent HP strategy.

Tokyo Byora Koki Co., Ltd. Saitama prefecture, Niiza City,
is a manufacturer to produce dies for Taptite screw.
Born in 1961, concentrated long time for subcontractor of certain enterprise with old fashioned craftmanship manufacturing was a majority of transaction.
At that time they were considered as high technology but not punctual company.
Finally business succession issue was risen and almost closing it’s business.

On the other hand, current president Mr. Komi has experienced a managerial planning job at big metal company and interested in company revitalization so changed a job to venture capital. There he met Tokyo Byora Koki Co., Ltd. and became a president by being dispatched from the company and one year later, he took it over by himself.
Be punctual, education of management and new building etc aggressive actions has been taken.
At 2009, Lehman shock happened.
Big consumer electronics companies shifts to overseas production and small screw production for PC, portable telephone and digital camera has been reduced drastically in Japan.
Tokyo Byora Koki was working largely on those category so there was big damages managerially.
To overcome those management’s environment change, the company intends to have a new customer.
They have cumulated a high technology of 「Processing Tungsten Carbide」and 「Die Sinking EDM」which are used for header process of small screw.
Very rare in Japan, they have a license of Taptite 2000,
car manufacturing Taptite screw’s dies production license.
Based on those technology as a core, current president starts a transmission of information aggressively.
For example,the company’s web site is capable English, Korean and Chinese, and putting many links, it can be upper ranked by search engine.

By participating many exhibition, corporation with well known process machine manufacturers, first western Japan area then China, America and Taiwan, transaction has been activated widely.
Finally he got International staff from China.

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